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Cevizoglu Shopfitting Industry and Trade Inc. is a retail equipments manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in retail industry. This experience solely based on working on a single subject, retail equipments. In it’s 12.000 m² indoor factory, Cevizoglu has metal and wood working, powder coating and varnishing facilities with modern machines to provide highest quality products to it’s customers.

Our customer portfolio consists of local and international chain stores, many of luxury world brands and individual companies. Also our company where based in Istanbul works as a solution partner with many local brands worldwide.

Shopline’s Approach

Shopline is a modular retail equipments system created with 25 years of experience to provide our customers all accessories and components with an easy, standardized way.

This system serves customers from individuals to worldwide chain stores while keeping design as its primary focus. Because of design and production made in the same kitchen, saves time and money for its customers. Also with our custom built design software, it allows customers to design their stores in shortest time with little effort. After this, customers are delivered their modular products in shortest time from our stocks.


Thanks to its modularity, Shopline systems and stands are delivered disassembled in minimum sizes packages. All units have assembly diagrams and videos so our customers can install them without requiring professional support. Shopline is the shortest, aesthetic, quality and of course affordable way to your dream store.

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